Troubleshooting Guide

Many officials are successfully using the Evaluator website and mobile applications daily to provide partner feedback, so when problems are encountered, there are sometimes some simple ways to get back up and running.

General Troubleshooting

See also known issues listed below.

If you have logged in previously, was it this year?

If the last time you logged in was in 2018, you need to go through “Sign Up Now” again, use the email address we have on file (this one), and create a password. There were technology changes since 2018 that prevented us from using the accounts created last year. Hopefully, the accounts we create this year will carry through to next year.

Of course, if you have never logged in before, then you will also need to "Sign Up Now" or else login using the Microsoft or Google authentication systems, if you get your email from one of those company's site.

Mobile app or website?

Sometimes it can be confusing to understand which app you are using to login, or if you are using the website or mobile app. If you went to the "store" on your device and installed the "app" and launch it using an icon that looks like this: ...then you are using the mobile app. On the other hand, if you are using your web browser then you are using the website, even if you are doing it on your phone.

Mobile app

If you are using the mobile app, then it helps to know which device you are using, Android, iOS or Windows? If you don't know which it is, there is an easy way to figure out. If it has an apple on the back of the device , then it is running iOS. If it has a Windows logo then it is running Windows. If neither, then if it is a Samsung Galaxy, a device made by Google or Amazon, then it is most likely an Android device. Please identify the device when you ask for help.

Have you tried to use the website as an alternative?

A lot of work has gone into improvements and new features in the website. The technology required to support the website is much less finicky and fixes can be made much more rapidly than on the mobile apps. This means that even if we are aware of the problem and have made a change, it may be several days before the fix can be downloaded to your device. Because of this, we suggest you get used to using the website as a backup, even if you use the mobile application as the primary means of entering data.

Please continue to notify us if you have mobile app issues. We haven't given up on the mobile apps yet. They are great for doing evaluations or checking on status at the field or on the go. If you have a problem and don't tell us, we can't help!

Web browser? Which one? PC or Mac?

If you are trying to use a web browser, let us know which browser (Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc.). And it matters if you are using a PC (running Windows), a Mac, or another device such as a phone, tablet (e.g., Kindle), laptop, or other kind of device.

Be as specific as you can

It goes without saying that the better you can describe the problem, the more likely it is that we can go directly to fixing it. The more times we have to email back and forth to get clarification, the longer the process will take.

Be nice

We are a small crew, doing the best we can to provide superior tools and a great experience to get the best data we can get from the least amount of hassle on your part. Just like when we miss a rotation or a pitch on the outside corner, we aren't afraid of a little constructive criticism. But we appreciate when you keep it PG and friendly.

Other resources


This website has detailed user's manuals for both the website and the mobile apps available at the click of a button. Use them. Maybe one of those will provide the missing piece of information or a picture that makes it all make sense.

Ask a buddy

Ask your mentor if he/she can help. Each member of the evaluation committee/staff is fully versed in usage of the website and at least one version of the mobile app.

Contact us

Email us to jump, and we'll ask, "How high?"

Kids know stuff

Do what I do often, and find one of your nephews/nieces/kids/grandkids to explain it to you.

Known/past issues

Blank/white screen when clicking Login button

This was a browser issue primarily affecting Safari browser on Mac due to a change in the way the browser handles cookies on redirection to the login website. This was mitigated with a website update around 3/17/2019.

Evaluations not saved on iOS

Some folks using Apple phones entered evaluations which were not saved, despite the app telling them it had been and displaying the evaluation in the By Me page. This was corrected in the version of the iOS app. The evaluations need to be re-entered. Sorry about that guys!

Periodic errors trying to login saying something about "localhost"

During website testing, the configuration was mistakenly changed and not changed back. Simple mistake, just annoying to everyone trying to use the website. This has happened a couple of times, and the way the site is configured now, it shouldn't happen again. If it does, contact us so we can fix it again.

Missing field

Because of a cleanup effort in the offseason that reduced the number of fields in our database from over 650 down to less than 200, we lost a few site names that we still use. If you get this error, please email us with the name of the field so we can get it added.

Missing umpire or their tier is incorrect

There were a few umpires that had their tier or other information set incorrectly. This was simply a data entry error. If you see this, please email us as soon as possible. Because we only evaluate officials at the same tier and more junior to us, this can make it look like other umpires don't exist.