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Learn how to install and use the site to login, perform evaluations, view feedback from other officials, and contribute to this important aspect of officiating by supporting continual, mutual growth.

Evaluator Website User’s Guide

The goal of this website is to allow sports officials to perform evaluations on one another and to foster a culture of continual, mutual growth.


  • An email address, specifically the one specified in the association’s roster
  • A computer with a web browser

Getting to the Website

Navigate to and click the “Evaluator” link. If this is the first visit to the site, this welcome page will be visible:

This is visible when no user is logged in, or after a user logs out. As illustrated, very little information or functionality is available until a user that is a member logs in.

One feature that is available is the Support link. Clicking on that link will show additional instructions and help information, including how to download the Evaluator mobile app, available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

Verifying Account and Getting Logged In

These are the instructions for first time login to the Evaluator system after clicking “Login” on the welcome page to see this:

Example: the Springfield Umpire Association (SUA) has an umpire named John Smith with email address John Smith’s game assignments come from Arbiter Sports ( John’s user-id in Arbiter is In the Evaluator system, we already know that SUA has an umpire named John Smith with email, but John needs to prove his identity to login.

Option 1: John clicks “Sign up now” enters and clicks “Send verification code”. Then John checks his email to get the verification code and enters it. This proves John’s identity. John creates an Evaluator password and continues to fill out the form and then clicks “Create”. Now John can use his email address and new password to login to Evaluator from now on to enter evaluations.

Option 2: John gets his email for from Microsoft ( John can prove his identity by clicking the “Microsoft” button and logging in to the Microsoft authentication system. John doesn’t need to create a new Evaluator password because he can use his Microsoft password and Evaluator trusts the Microsoft authentication system.

Option 3: John gets his email for from Google ( John can prove his identity by clicking the “Google” button and logging in to the Google authentication system. John doesn’t need to create a new Evaluator password because he can use his Google password and Evaluator trusts the Google authentication system.

Question: Why can’t John use his Arbiter password to login to Evaluator? It’s the same email address.

Answer: Because Arbiter is a different company, has no open authentication system that Evaluator can trust, and nobody but John knows his password on Arbiter.

Troubleshooting Login

When reporting login issues, specify which method was used to login (i.e., Microsoft, Google, etc.), and which device (i.e., Android, iPhone, etc.).

There are now only three authentication providers (simplified down from six last year): Microsoft, Google, and Local (then the one that asks for username and password at the bottom).

Regarding passwords: Don’t ask the administrator for your password because nobody ever has access to it. You could literally have a different password on each of the authentication providers. In cases where other troubleshooting efforts fail, the account can be reset by emailing for support to

If login is unsuccessful, the About page will be displayed again, but indicates that the user is unrecognized. At this point there are only two possible causes:

  1. Did you fail to click “Sign up now” and create a password?
  2. If you see this screen it means that an email address was used that is not in the association’s roster. Verify the email address you use to get assigned games in Arbiter (not an admin or developer account). If it is the same one, or if you know your email address changed from last year, then email support and ask to validate/update the email address associated with your Evaluator account.
  3. There’s a bug or connection issue—can possibly be fixed by trying to logout and in again.

If still on the login screen and getting a “wrong password” or similar message, then the issue is account-related. Try using a web browser (Edge, Chrome, etc.) to go directly to the provider’s website (,, etc.) and logging in to validate the password was remembered correctly, then try again.

Using the Website

After logging in, the Home page should appear.

More or less functionality (menu items, content, and links) depending on permissions.

On this page, tips that refresh knowledge as the site is visited throughout the season appear in the “Keep your skills sharp” panel.

Also, if any Pending evaluations (past games that have been worked but for which an evaluation has not been completed) are due, they will be listed on this page, with most recently worked games first. Click the baseball icon to begin the evaluation.

From here I can choose to create a New Evaluation, or view past evaluations that were entered By Me or On Me. Also, the link to the Dashboard will display evaluation and other general information as the season progresses.

New Evaluation

After clicking the “Continue” button, the screen will change to the “New Eval” page (see below).

Note: the formal evaluation checkbox will only appear to evaluation staff members.

Select the partner being evaluated, the position that the partner worked, the field where the game was played, and the date and time of the game. Then click “NEXT”.

Choose a score (1-5) by moving the baseball icon left or right and enter comments for each of the evaluation criteria as you scroll down. Then click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form.


Many computers support speech-to-text (dictation). For example, on Windows click on the textbox and type Windows logo key + H. If you see this:

Then go to Settings, type Speech, and setup your microphone for dictation for first time use. For more information, read these directions.

Note: for Apple computers the instructions will be different.

Once this is setup, then here are a few basic tips.

Say “period” and “comma”, as in:

“you did a good job today comma and you used good timing period nice work period”

The dictation system will automatically convert the word period into a period symbol to end the sentence and capitalize the next word so that you get:

“You did a good job today, and you used good timing. Nice work.”

When you are finished with this field, you can say “Stop dictating.” Simply click on the next textbox and start dictating again.

Previous Evaluations

Once evaluations have been entered, they can be viewed immediately by both the evaluator and the partner. Click “By Me” in the menu to see evaluations that you have written. Click “On Me” to see evaluations that others have written on you.

Note the symbols to the right of certain items. The star means high marks on some part of the evaluation. A wrench means an opportunity for rapid improvement is available. Sunglasses means that this was a formal evaluation provided by a member of the evaluation staff.

Click on an item in the list to see the details.

If the evaluation is a formal evaluation, the indication will appear as shown above.


When issues are encountered, please submit the details to Also, you are encouraged to seek help from your Peers that have used the website as they might have experienced something similar.

Please include:

  • What kind of device was being used, and what version of the website (shown in the footer at the bottom of every page)
  • What login provider you used (Microsoft, Google, or if you clicked “Sign up now”)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue (or did it just happen once and can’t be consistently repeated)
  • What you saw and what you expected to see


From time to time, the website may change content due to period updates or as additional games are worked throughout the season. If it is confusing or if you have suggestions that would improve usability, please suggest them at the support email address. Please indicate that your email is a feature request or suggestion.


This software is offered according to the terms and conditions detailed at:

This application does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) nor financial details of any kind. For more information, please refer to:

The data entered in an evaluation is not public but becomes immediately viewable by the person that entered it. It is also viewable by the person evaluated immediately. It is also viewable by administrators of the application and others (such as the evaluation committee and NBUA board of directors).